November 21, 2017


french contribution to Parker solar probe instruments

FIELDS Instruments 

  • Support to SSL from LESIA (Milan Maksimovic) in the form of scientific expertise for the wave part of the instrument, chiefly in design and calibration of the thermal noise and high-frequency receiver.
  • Supply by LPC2E (Thierry Dudok de Wit) of the three-axis Search Coil Magnetometer (SCM).
  • Support for high-temperature testing of the parts of the instrument that will be exposed to the Sun, performed by the PROMES laboratory (MEDIASE facility at the solar furnace in Odeillo).

Les capteurs de FIELDS déployés
FIELDS instruments deployed

SWEAP instrument

  • Supply by LPP (Mathieu Berthomier) of a recurring ASIC model from Solar Orbiter that will be part of the SWEAP instrument integrated in the module built by SSL.

Philippe Lamy at the LAM astrophysics laboratory in Marseille is also contributing to Parker Solar Probe’s instruments as Co-Investigator for WISPR.